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First Published 14/5/2021
Last Updated 25/10/2021

The content on this website has only been made possible by the generous contributions of time, advice and content from those listed below.  We gratefully appreciate everyone's collective assistance in helping us make this resource available to current and former residents of Heald Green.

The Andrew Family
The Ashworth family
Margaret & Peter Burns 
Les Clough
Martin G Davey
Richard Fletcher
Andrew Frazer
Debbie Grogan
Joyce Gill / Graham Gill Archive
Hazel Hankinson
Dean Heinekey
Sherann Hillmann
Anne Hughes
St. James Church, Gatley Archive
Janine Keeler
Christine Kinlin
Cynthia Mellish
Frank & Teretta Mitchell
Helen Morgan
Dave Mullin
Anne Rushton & Keith Kinsey
Ann Park
Kim Shennan
Laura Stokey​
United Reformed Church
Chris Waterworth
Malcolm Wilkinson
Steph Windross

Heald Green Heritage Facebook Page Members
Heald Green Ratepayers' Association
Current & Former Residents of Heald Green


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