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From interviews with Helen Morgan (and earlier, those collated by Les Clough / St. Catherine's Church)

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First Published 6/11/2023
Last Updated 26/03/2024


Most of the pages on this website focus on the places in Heald Green.

This page is dedicated to capturing the memories of current and former residents. Without them, we would have little context for how Heald Green became as it is - and for that we are extremely grateful to them and their families for their contributions - Colin Barnsley


Click on each picture to read our residents' memories

  Eugene Jackson - dates unknown  

  From Ratepayers' Contact Magazine, 1970  

Eugene Jackson.jpg
Emily Watson.jpg

  Emily Watson 1923 - 2016

  Interview from Linkline Memories, St. Catherine's Church, 2002-2004 (re-published and updated 2017)

  Linkline Memories Various  

  Interviews from Linkline Memories, St. Catherine's Church, 2002-2004 (re-published and updated 2017)  

Linkline Memories 2021 Cover.jpg
Jean Rushton.jpg

  Jean Rushton 1930 - 2023

  Interviewed by Helen Morgan, 2021

  Bob Downs 1932 -        

  Interviewed by Helen Morgan, 2021  

Bob Downs.jpg
Dudley Ashworth.jpg

  Dudley Ashworth 1933 - 2022

  Interviewed by Helen Morgan, 2021
  Click here to listen to Dudley in conversa
tion with Helen (Youtube)


  Jill Gould 1933 -        

 Contributed by Johnathan Ireland, her son, 2022  

Jill Gould.jpg
Sheila Dean.jpg

  Sheila Dean 1936 - 

  Interviewed by Helen Morgan, 2021
 Click here to listen to Sheila in conversation with Helen (Youtube)

John Kemp.jpg

  John Elliot Kemp 1939 -     

  Interviewed by Helen Morgan, 2022  


Marilyn Connolly.jpg

  Marilyn Connolly 1945 -      

  Interviewed by Helen Morgan, 2022

  Ann Park 1945 -     

  Interviewed by Helen Morgan, 2021  
 Click here to listen to Ann in conversation with Helen (Youtube)  

Ann Park.jpg
Wedding day 19742.jpg

 Walter Slack 1945 -      

  Interviewed by Helen Morgan, 2023  

Lynne Berry.jpg

  Lynne Berry 1947 -      

  Interviewed by Helen Morgan, 2023  

Rowan Day Hospital Withington 2001.jpg

  The Andrew Family (The Fingerpost House) house built 1950
Susan 1940 - , Michael 1943 - , Heather 1948 -  

  Interviewed by Helen Morgan, 2021  
 Click here to listen to the Andrew family in conversation with Helen (Youtube)  

Andrew Family.jpg
Peter Donald Watson.jpg

  Peter Donald Watson 1950 - 

  Interviewed by Helen Morgan, 2021


  Christine Kinlin 1951 -      

  Interviewed by Helen Morgan, 2021/2022  

Click here to listen to Christine in conversation with Helen (Youtube)  


Christine Kinlin.jpg
Steve Hough.jpg

  Steven Hough 1952 - 

  Interviewed by Helen Morgan, 2021


  Graham Bloxsome 1954 -      

  Interviewed by Helen Morgan, 2024  

Graham and Merlyn 2021.jpg
Margaret Coulson.jpg

  Margaret Coulson 1954 -      

  Interviewed by Helen Morgan, 2022  

  Janet Woolf 1955 - 

  Interviewed by Helen Morgan, 2022


Jaent Woolf.jpg

  Ian Ashworth 1963 -      

  Interviewed by Helen Morgan, 2023  

IA 1990-002 Ian and Lesley wedding day (c) Ian Ashworth.jpg

  Andrew P Lee 1963 -      

  Interviewed by Helen Morgan, 2023  

AL 2022-001 Andrew (c) Andrew Lee.jpg

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