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Map - Heald Green 2020 - watermarked.jpg
HG Library Stacked.jpg

Heald Green Library

A tale of perseverance by our

Ratepayers to acquire the village library

HG Station Stacked.jpg

Heald Green Overview

Heald Green has experienced periods of rapid growth in the last century - what caused them?

Cheadle Royal Stacked.jpg

Cheadle Royal
Hospital & Chapel


Explore the history of Cheadle Royal and view the beautiful stained glass originally in the Chapel

Griffin1 Stacked.jpg

The Griffin Pub

Who knew! It was originally called The Black Griffin Inn

Griffin 1910 Stacked.jpg

The Inns and Outs
of Griffin Farm


270 years of history, so a contender for one of our oldest buildings

Herds1 Stacked.jpg

Herds to Main & Main

A timeline of 60 years for this set of shops

Chamber1 Stacked.jpg

Chamber Hall

Explore the history "behind the hedge"

Bradshaw - Stacked.jpg

Bradshaw Hall

Explore the history of Bradshaw Hall

Mantlepiece Clock-small.jpg
St Caths Stacked.jpg

St. Catherine's Church

How the church of St. Catherine's came

to be built on Outwood Road

Clarion1 Stacked.jpg

Oldhall Farm /
Clarion Club


Discover the history of Oldhall Farm and the Clarion Club

Airport Stacked.jpg

Manchester Airport

History, Work and Leisure, Noise, Tragedy, Celebrity - it's all at the airport

Beech Parade Stacked.jpg

Beech Parade

From Brook House to a boxing kangaroo

Retirement Flats

Read about how various retirement flats came to be developed around Heald Green

Retirement Flats

Read about how various retirement flats came to be developed around Heald Green

Retirement Flats

Read about how various retirement flats came to be developed around Heald Green

First Published 24/5/2021
Last Updated 23/03/2024


Village Hall Stacked.jpg

Village Hall

How the Village Hall was built

HG Hotel Stacked.jpg

Heald Green Hotel (Beefeater)

Heald Green Hotel has had lots of uses over the years

Healds Stacked.jpg

Heald's Dairy

How Heald's Dairy came to Heald Green, and the last empties went

War Memorial Stacked.jpg

War Memorial

Read about both of Heald Green's War Memorials, and how this main one came to be moved

Daisy Bank Stacked.jpg

Daisy Bank Cottages

The history of Daisy Bank Cottages and the families that lived there

Transport - Stacked.jpg


Discover how transport, roads and housing has changed in and around Heald Green

St Columbas Stacked.jpg

Gone - St. Columba's Church

The short history of St. Columba's ; from the late 1950s to the turn of the century

HG URC Stacked.jpg

United Reformed


Read about the "Little Chapel on the Hill", first Long Lane Congregational and now United Reformed Church, established 1867

Telex - Stacked.jpg

Telephone Exchange

Read about the history of the telephone service in Heald Green and Manchester

Bruntwood - Stacked.jpg

Bruntwood Park

Forest, farm, stud and park - read about Bruntwood's development over the years

East Ave - Stacked.jpg

East Avenue Park

The history of East Ave park ; from farmland to the formation of the Friends who now support it

St Anns Hospice Stacked.jpg

St. Ann's Hospice

From villa, to hospital to hospice - explore the history of St. Ann's Hospice

Rose Vale Park Stacked.jpg

Rose Vale Park

From farmland fields to Friends of Rose Vale Park, explore how the area has developed

Outwood Primary stacked.jpg

Outwood Primary

How the Bruckshaw family's Outwood Farm became Outwood Primary

Wilton - Stacked.jpg

Wilton Ave

From farmland to first houses; a family affair, from builders to residents.

Waggon - Stacked.jpg

Waggon & Horses

Just across the border into Handforth, a pub with two hundred year's history

Bills Bakers Hover.jpg

Bill's Bakery

A baker’s shop remembered with fondness by residents. But who was Bill?

Retirement Flats

Read about how various retirement flats came to be developed around Heald Green

HGH Hover.jpg

Heald Green House

On Irvin Drive ; A house with many stories to tell

HGT Hover.jpg

Heald Green Theatre

The story of the Heald Green Theatre Club / Company

Beech Tree Hover.jpg

Gone - Beech
Tree Pub


A public house built at the right time in the right place. A true local’s pub.

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